Reigen Appreciation Post

I stan Studio Bones for all the juicy Reigen fanservice—

This isn’t even all of it but notable exhibits include:

This is official art.

This concludes my essay—

Tata for now~

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The “B” in B-Project stands for “Bait”, But Also “Boring”

Well at least for me.

The anime wasn’t too interesting, I literally watched no more than, like, 15 minutes in total for all 12 episodes of the first season.

I blame Thrive for pulling me in, though.

Just look at them.

And look at my boy, Ashu Yuta.

If anything, Thrive’s LOVE ADDICTION and Tick-Tack are bops and deserve checking out.

Tata for now~


[FE] Would Accidentally Marry Him Any Day

The first post in a series of future Fire Emblem Husbando analyses.

Let’s talk about Chrom.

Okay, looking back on it, I’m already kinda baited by the fact that you “betray” Chrom in the opening cutscene of Fire Emblem: Awakening. It’s just too good. I mean, look at this face of betrayal when you stab him:

Clip courtesy of FEAwakening Cutscenes on Youtube.
0:37, baby.

But he’s such a cinnamon roll that he tries to make sure you don’t feel guilty and even begs you to flee.

When I was first playing, however, this cutscene was more of a, “Oh, okay, he’s probably an important character, no biggie. He’ll be fine, somehow.” I wasn’t too baited by him.

That is until this happens.

When he helps you up from the ground he pulls you so close to him LOL (and let’s not forget to mention the fact that the camera lingers on his smiling face directed towards you for longer than it needs). My maiden heart was already worried. I tended to fall for the “first boy” ™ when I was younger and Chrom fit the criteria.

(For those that are actually playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, spoilers follow below!)

From a story standpoint, I think having Chrom as your husbando fits well. Robin’s, or your Avatar’s, blood and Chrom’s blood are at odds with each other, which make for good tension and angst. And that makes it more bait-worthy—

Then there’s Chrom’s future daughter, and well, yours too.

Clip courtesy of HungryHungryHanbei on Youtube.

Being Chrom’s waifu means that Lucina turns out edgier by having to face the dilemma of killing her own mother or not and that’s my aesthetic—

In general the story cutscenes feel a bit more right as Chrom’s waifu which make it more enjoyable to play.

But, yeah. That doesn’t mean Chrom’s the only husbando in Fire Emblem though—

That’s it for now, tata~


Owari no Seraph: Not Everything with Bait is Good

I got blue balls from Owari no Seraph, or Seraph of the End. I think I fell for the fujo bait from the opening (which is very catchy and aesthetic).

Clip courtesy of die together on Youtube.
You know it was 0:00-0:05 and 0:42-0:46 that made me intrigued.

The amount of frustration I felt from watching season one was almost unbearable, considering that I considered the first episode and its ending hook to be pretty good. I remember that people I followed on social media also commented about how it went the high school route™ and disappointed them after the season ended. It’s safe to say I was disappointed too, but at least I got to oggle at this man:

Ferid Bathory,
a vampire with long luscious hair tied back into a ponytail.

The first season did not live up to the opening’s fujo bait—

However season two somewhat made up for it in Episode 10… but still.

Overall, if you’re just here for the BL bait, like I was, I’d recommend only watching like the last 2 or 3 episodes of season one and two for Yu (black haired boy and MC) and Mika (blonde haired boy and childhood friend of MC). You’ll probably be extremely confused about the context, but the amount of anticipation that season one tries to build up to their reunion isn’t worth it. Just go for the gold—

For now, tata~


Looking for a wild NTR adventure?

Which do you prefer?

Chocolate or Strawberry Shortcake?

Bunbetsu no Takan, or in English, Sense and Sensibility by Sakurada Hina features a spicy and tantalizing form of bait known as Haraaki.

I mean, just look at him.

That precious smile.

It’s no wonder the heroine, Aya, has such a tough time choosing between her current boyfriend, Kento, and his brother Haraaki.

You know she wants him.

Here are some of my favorite panels:

My bias for Haraaki is too strong—

But not to worry, I also appreciate Kento’s cucked face—

Even his greeting to Aya the next day oozes with cucked energy.

If this intrigues you, I urge you to check it out! That way you can enjoy the bait that is Haraaki and the heartbreak of Kento with full context—

That’s it for now, tata~